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Q: When does practice start?
A: We start practice as soon as teams are formed.  Teams are formed starting with the oldest players (majors) and ending with T-ball.  It takes up to three weeks to form all teams.  Typically, majors begins in the beginning of February, AAA and Farm teams starts the middle of February and T-Ball not until after opening ceremonies.  

Q: How often are practices?  Games?
A:  Farm and T-Ball play once per week on Saturdays only, and practice once a week on a weekday. AAA play up to two times per week and practice up to two times per week. Majors can play 2-3 times per week and practice up to 3 times per week.

Q: Can I request to be on the same team as another player?
A: While the official stance in little league is that teams are selected without preference, we can usually accommodate requests in T-Ball and Farm divisions. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests in AAA and Majors because player are selected by drafts in those divisions.  

Q: What kind of equipment does my player need?
A: The league provides a jersey and hat. The family must provide pants, belt, socks and cleats and a glove.  Hold off buying pants, belt and socks until you're assigned to a team.  Your Manager will let you know what colors to buy.  Cleats can be baseball cleats, but for younger players, soccer cleats work just as well.  We also strongly recommend that each player purchase their own batting helmet.  A good batting helmet for the lower divisions should not cost more than about $30-$35.  While there are more expensive helmets, kids simply do not throw hard enough to require the more advanced helmets.  All players league age 9 or younger are required to have a facemask/cage on their helmet unless the parent waives this rule. For catchers, the league will provide gear for the team, however, as players get older they will often purchase their own.

Beginning January 1st, 2018, all bats except some T-Ball bats (T-Ball bat info here) used in Little League must Adhere to the USABat standard.  Bats without the USABat logo will not be allowed.  More information on USABat here.

Q: When does the season end?
A: Opening Day will be February 23rd.  For Farm and T-Ball, games run through mid- to late-May.  For AAA and Majors, there are post-season tournaments which can run well into June. Closing ceremonies usually takes place the weekend before Memorial Day.

Q: What are the volunteer requirements?
A: Little League is an all-volunteer organization.  We need parents to help in various ways.  All AAA Minors and Majors families must participate in the snack stand at various points in the season when their team is the home team.  Families can buy out this requirement during registration.  We also encourage parents to help do field setup, team parties and to coach. All parents who volunteer for any task must fill out a volunteer form, which can be found on our website 

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